Every story has a beginning

13 years ago I gave birth to the cutest baby boy. Big blue eyes and tons of hair is all you would see at first glance. The only way to describe him was, perfect.

His Dad and I were very young when we became parents. Like a lot of others our age, the relationship didn’t last. We struggled for years to work together to raise our little boy.

Finally, after 7 years it seemed we came to a mutual, unspoken, agreement. We would work together to parent our son. 3 years later I found myself pregnant with my 2nd child, alone, his father wanting nothing to do with the pregnancy. During this time I was also offered a large promotion that secured my little family’s financial situation. The only issue, I had to relocate 3 hours away.

After many conversations with my Dad and my older son’s father I made the difficult decision to take the promotion and move. My older son would live with his Dad so he wouldn’t be taken from his school or his friends. I felt that was the best decision for him. I wanted him with me like any parent would but in my heart I knew living with his Dad was what was best for our son at the time.

The next 3 and a half years are great. His Dad and I are still getting along good. 4 months after giving birth to my youngest child I met a wonderful man with 3 kids of his own. After 2 years of dating we got married and blended our families together. Everything is going good. Of course things are not always perfect but we were all happy.

June 2014 I learned my son’s dad was leaving his wife. He said he was getting an apartment and our son would remain in the same school that next school year. I wasn’t thrilled with the situation but if he wants to get divorced he is entitled to.

The beginning of that summer was rough for our son. His step mom has been in his life since he was 8 months old. He was heart broken, confused, and hurt. He never shows his dad his true feels though. So he lashed out in my home. Fought with me, my husband, and the other kids. I try to get him to talk to his dad but he wont. I try to have his dad talk to him but he keeps saying he’s fine. Things get even worse when I find out he moved in with some women and transferred our son’s school without first discussing it with me.

This is the point where I decided I needed to do something for my son. So I filed for a change in custody and relocation.

~ A

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