Part 1 – Filing for custody

After talking with my husband and a counselor about the situation I thought it was in my son’s best interest to file for change of custody and relocation. I retained a lawyer. The chances of the courts to change custody were very slim, my lawyer advised. Even with the little chances I knew I had to do this.

The first hearing wasn’t set until the end of September. After my son’s father got the notice he with held my son from me until we went to court. That was the longest 33 days ever. That was also when the alienation began.

At September’s hearing the judge put a temporary order in place outlining our visitation schedule to include meeting place and time. The venue was also changed to a different county since he moved after I filed.

While waiting for the case to transfer and a new hearing date my ex refused to meet me several times for my weekends with our son. Each time was documented at the local police station. When trying to get the school log in info to follow our sons grades I learned I was not on any of the enrollment information.

November we received our first hearing in the new county. The Judge found there was a change in circumstance and allowed the case to move forward. Another hearing was set in the new year. He also issued a amendment to our temporary order to allow me access to our sons grades and to be listed as an emergency contact.

After several postponements and a change in Judges we finally had our next hearing in April. Before the hearing my ex left his new girlfriend, pulled our son out of school for a week, then finally registered him in the school district his mother lives in. Again not including me on any of the school registration paperwork. Several weekends, again, he refused to meet for my scheduled visitation time.

The text messages from him were becoming unbearable. I was quickly getting to my breaking point. I started to see the counselor regularly to learn how to cope with everything that was going on. I also took a 40 hour online “How to deal with conflict” parenting class. This was a huge help for me. I learned not to react to anything my ex did or to respond to any of his nasty text messages.






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