The big day is almost here!

Finally after a looooong month Monday my son will be officially living in my home full time! I finally got to see him last weekend and had such a awesome conversation. He is really excited to move. He’s sad to be leaving some of his friends but knows he will make new ones quick. We talked about his classes and what some of his concerns are. We also looked into some wrestling programs in the area and he is eager to join one so next week he is attending practice at both to see which one he should join.

This is such a change in attitude! My son wouldn’t talk to me for weeks after the verdict and now he’s asking to move sooner than planned. I do feel bad for him though, this is is last week in NJ with his Dad took the new girlfriend to Florida for the week instead of spending the last week with our son. My son is really upset by that. Also when I dropped him to his Dad last Sunday after our visit I gave his Dad the school calendar to which he crumpled up and threw out the car window.

We are still taking it one day at a time. Just because today is a good day doesn’t mean tomorrow will be. We (my son and I) are both committed to working on our relationship which just makes me so happy!

I am eager to have my baby boy back! ❤

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