1st week down

Today is the end of the 1st week since my son moved in full time. Honestly it’s felt much longer than a week. He was suppose to start school on Monday but due to some bad snow and ice in our area he didn’t start until Wednesday. So far all of the kids have been very welcoming and kind. He really is liking this change. He is being more challenged here at this school than the last two he was in. He also thinks it’s pretty cool that they use laptops all day.

Our routine is starting to form. Not only is it a change for him it is for me, my husband and our youngest son.  But we all seem to be settling in quite nicely.

He’s starting to hug me and tell me he loves me without me having to be the initiator. This transition has really been a lot smoother than I anticipated. But it is just the beginning.

~ A